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Big Mouth

We were appointed to launch Netflix's original production, Big Mouth, across social platforms.



  • Creative
  • Community management
  • Strategy
  • Influencer activity
  • Social video
  • Live events
  • Content production
Maya Rudolph sharing some traumatic puberty stories


We devised a social strategy designed to appeal to a YA audience, planning detailed and unique platform approaches across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Due to the slightly controversial subject matter, it was imperative we set a tone that would sit comfortably with our prospective audience, while at the same time representing the show's core themes/values.

Big Mouth was targeted at a predominantly male viewership and we were presented with the challenge of appealing to females who would also be likely to enjoy the show.


In just over two months we grew active audiences across platforms with over 24K on Twitter, 43K on Instagram and 146K on Facebook.

Through an initially sensitive approach and continual monitoring of the broader social conversation, we were able to develop three distinct tones across platforms, which have all been positively received.

We successfully struck a balance between gender-specific and gender-neutral content strands/references, and insights now demonstrate a 50/50 split on Facebook, 56% women on Instagram and a 45% female on Twitter. Our ongoing monitoring of social insights allows us to adapt our strategy in live time according to the behaviour of the growing audience.

Our top Facebook post has reached over 5 million people and been shared over 35K times.

Despite limited access to talent, we devised ideas which were given the green light and we were able to kick the campaign off with a number talent-led content strands. This included filming on the red carpet at the premiere for Netflix's Instagram story, to-camera exclusive interviews with the cast/writers (inc. Maya Rudolph, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas), as well as enlisting Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein to star in the launch day asset at the 'Space Uterus' - a 3 acre image of the female reproductive organs we planted on a field in California!

2 acres

We also worked closely with the show writers to devise outrageous and hugely popular Hormone Monster and Monstress Twitter takeovers, bringing the most-loved characters to life outside of the ten episodes.

Big Mouth was nominated for a 2018 Shorty Award due to the success of our social campaign.

Shorty Award