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With the premieres of GLOW and Orange Is The New Black being rolled into one single event, we were tasked by Netflix to create social coverage in such a way as to introduce the new prospect of GLOW to the existing massive fanbase of Orange Is The New Black.

  • Creative
  • Content creation
  • Video production
Kate Nash


Using an interview technique that combined both animated ‘selections’ of a vending machine and real life interviews with the cast, we exploited the Instagram Stories feature in an innovative and unusual way.

Additionally, we filmed a number of pieces of video on location for both Orange Is The New Black (Orange Fanfiction) and GLOW (Weather Girl Kate Nash videos, ‘You Glow Girl’ gifs)


With a combined viewership of over 200,000, this was one of the first Instagram Stories on the UK Netflix Instagram account to really push the boundaries of this new platform.