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Meal or No Meal

Social Life were approached by Deliveroo to add to their already established facebook live stream repertoire with a high end production piece to give away some huge prizes using the Deal or No Deal game format.

  • Production and Planning
  • Creative
  • Live Event Production
  • Content Creation
  • Project Management
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We created a stream that featured eight boxes containing different amounts of Deliveroo credit. At the start of the stream, viewers were encouraged to vote for which box they wanted to be opened first. They did so by writing in the comments section with the relevant hashtag.

To drum up suspense before the winners were announced, we activated a poll/power bar with a question encouraging users to use facebook’s reactions, and then interactivity demonstrated these visually on screen. This interlude gave us time to moderate the chosen winners behind the scenes.

The ‘spin the wheel’ graphic pulled in the profile pictures of 5 random live viewers on the stream at that time who commented with the most popular hashtag. When the wheel stopped, a box would be opened live to show a personalised graphic of the winner on screen. This process was repeated with varying tasks and questions ensuring the stream was fresh and exciting.



With £2000 of Deliveroo voucher up for grabs the stream received 23k comments and 1710 Facebook reactions. On live viewer peak alone, our average was around 150 live viewers - we got 10x that. We had KPIs of 400K reach which we smashed with 440K total reach (293K organic).