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A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Our goal was to innovate within the unique tone and humor of Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events, finding a new hook and rewarding fans who have been there for years since the original books were released.

We wanted to retain the 4th-wall breaking tone of the show while introducing S2's 'bad to worse' theme. We also wanted to highlight the diverse and fascinating characters brought from page to screen, from the Baudelaires to Count Olaf.


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From Bad to Worse

We regret to inform you that A Series of Unfortunate Events, season 2, is now streaming.

We've built a campaign that appealed to long-time fans of the books and new Netflix fans by highlighting ASOUE's incredible talents, tone of voice, sets and costumes.

From roasting fans on Twitter to bringing a Series of Unfortunate Events to real life, from a multi-accounts Instagram adventure to a very mysterious Instagram grid, from a very unfortunate countdown to tension-packed Facebook Lives - we have loved playing with Lemony Snicket's codes and humour.


Followers in 3 Months


We launched an @Unfortunate Instagram account with exclusive content - a rewarding multi-layered destination for fans, echoing the show's intro credits and revealing rewards (sound bites, pictures, videos, props,...).
When broken, the grid unvails a whole new layer: the ropes on the cork board now make out the mysterious VFD eye.
Instagram has also been a playful area with interactive Stories, a multi-account adventure through the show's fantastic sets, relatable memes and a Premiere live report.


We launched the @unfortunate account from scratch with relatable and explorable content - going from 0 to 120,000 followers in 4 months.

Using social listening and insights, we've been able to create relatable content - reaching over 2.5M people on Twitter monthly around launch, for instance.

Now Scheming post
Facebook: Impressions: 717k Engagement: 46.8k
Twitter: Impressions: 494k Engagement: 24.5k

Unfortunate IRL
Instagram: impressions: 167k impressions Engagement: 33k
Twitter: impressions: 140k Engagement 10k